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Title Second Day of Student Walkouts Against HR4437
Description Thousands of students walked out of San Diego high schools again today, converging on Chicano Park. They walked from Hoover High, Vista, Kearny Mesa and as far as Claremont Mesa and Point Loma. Add a comment with your high school and your story!
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<br />At a massive rally at Chicano Park, the students denounced HR4437, the border, la migra and the police. Spontaneous chants of "Mexico, Mexico" and "Culeros, Culeros" broke out repeatedly. The crowd was very energetic.
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<br />Although there was tension between the police and the crowd at times, I did not see any arrests made at the Chicano Park rally.
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Some tension arose when students of Hoover were separated from the larger group and the large group tried to go into the street. The adults in the crowd kept the students on the sidewalk and told them "don't give the pigs an excuse". There was a fairly large police presence, around 20 police including horese and cops in riot gear. The highway patrol, wearing riot helmets, blocked off two highway exits.
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<br />Everyone I spoke to said that the students spontaneously organized themselves, using email, and posters at school. More walkouts are planned at high schools and universities throughout the week as the Senate continues to debate legislation around immigration.
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<br />The students of San Diego county demonstrated their power today, showing that they can stop the working of their schools and of the city, as they marched all throughout the city streets.
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<br />School busses were sent in to take the students back to their schools and the main rally ended around 2pm.
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