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Title PhillyIMC Coverage from Fact-Finding Tour of the South
Description <img alt="" src="/icon/2006/01/13467.jpg" class="featureimage"></img> Members of the PhillyIMC have joined the <a href="">Poverty Initiative</a> on a fact-finding tour of the South. The group, which also includes 40 Columbia Social Work and Union Seminary students, is meeting with community groups, evacuees, and politicians in five cities to document first-hand the struggle against poverty that Katrina has brought to the nation's attention. The U.S. is the richest nation in the history of the world, yet 45 million have no health insurance, soup kitchen visits are up 150%, and child homelessness is at an all time high. PhillyIMC is highlighting the grassroots efforts that offer real solutions to poverty in this country. <br></br><br></br>Reports from PhillyIMC:<br></br><a href="">Fact-Finding Mission: Day 1</a><br></br><a href="">Fact-Finding Mission: Day 2</a><br></br><a href="">Katrina Evacuees Pitted Against Atlanta’s Poor</a><br></br><a href="">PhillyIMC Podcast: Radio Free Georgia - From South Tour</a><br></br> More info on the tour:<br></br><br></br><a href="">Daily Log</a> <br></br> <a href="">Continuing Coverage</a>
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