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Title Suicide By Cop, or Homicide By Negligence?
Description Already, the corp choir is singing the "suicide by cop" song, together with refrains of "troubled young man," "called and threatened to kill a cop," etc. The sweet refrains of "perhaps, if we could train all of our officers in crisis intervention..." (currently only twelve are so trained. No matter that the killer of Fouad Kaady (deputy Willard) was a graduate of that vaunted training).
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<br />It seems to me that what is needed is a little accountability. The Sheriff is whining about a fourth of his force being on paid leave due to the recent spate of killings. Maybe if he would see to it that there were real hearings, that real consequences were meted out to those who use lethal force as a first option (rather than issuing medals, as in Popo), perhaps the training might be a little more effective, and we would not be paying time and a half, or double time, plus the wages of useless suspended officers, to cover the streets.
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