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Title women (en)
Description <h2><img src="" border="0" hspace="20" alt="I'm not the women of your life 'cos I'm the one of my own" align="left">women in action</h2>

<p>The multiplicity of fields where women have developed their
convictions show us an infinite world of paths where praxis is what

<p><b>Women in History :: <a href="">1</a>
- <a href="">2</a>
</b> :: <b>writers</b> <a href="">Emilia
Pardo Bazán, the first Spanish journalist</a> + <a href="">Mary
Wollstonecraft</a> + <a href="">Lucía
Sánchez Saornil (Madrid 1895 – València 1970)</a> + <a href="">Teresa Mañé or "Soledad Gustavo" (1865-1939)</a> <b>women for justice and against terror</b>
<a href="">Juana
Calfunao Paillalef</a> + <a href="">digna
ochoa</a> + <a href="">Sra.
Pilar Manjón</a> + <a href="">Hebe
Bonafini</a> + <a href="">Women
for Women</a> + <a href="">20
little heard years of feminist pacifism</a> + <a href="">Support
and questions of <em>dones de negre</em> (women in black) in
Madrid</a> <b>labor struggle</b> <a href="">Louise
Michel</a> + <a href="">Conxa
Pérez, worker and anarchist woman</a> + <a href="">teresa
claramunt(1862-1931) weaver, anarchist and fighter</a> + <a href="">
Isabel Vilà i Pujol</a> + <a href="">Paris'
commune and revolutionary women</a> + <a href="">Anarchist
women</a> <b>artists</b> <a href="">
Isadora Duncan</a> <b>scientists</b> <a href="">Women that
count</a> <b>mathematicians</b> <a href="">xtec</a> + <a href="">woman and science</a>
<b>teachers</b> <a href="">Women
in 20th Century schools</a> <b>antifascists</b> <a href="">Women
on the warpath</a> + <a href="">Emma
Goldman</a> + <a href="">Maria
Salvo</a> + <a href="">Women
and fascism</a> set-ups : sexism = fascism <a href="">don't
let the global hide the local</a> - <a href="">the
revolution you have closer</a> - <a href="">let's
begin revolution by local</a> - <a href="">the
fascism that is around us</a></p>

<p><b>+info :: <a href="">&gt;&gt;&gt;women</a></b></p>
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