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Title Dance & Social Revolution
Description The leading social event in Latin America in which both the working poor and other of lower economic classifications are Latin social dances. This should be common place here in America. Moreover, it is one of the most significant community event in which vital inforamtion is socially exchanged.
Article Text Dance & Social Revolution.

The 1930s through the 1960s social dance was the main staple of socializing within America which was independent of both public education and the church. They key factor for its, then, existing popularity was due to the fact its was mostly attended by the working poor and middle classes. This was an outgrpowth of the ' Great Depression ' and went into high gear as a result of WWII and servicemen facing the realities of the war. Later on during the 50s and 60s social dance was penitrated by the Franchise studios systems, the high profile marketing, the workers could not compete with the modny being invested, and slowly the workers lost interests as a result of rise of these dance studio systems.

At Ithaca, New York there is an effort to develop an American Economy Social Dance program in which to re-empower the workers ( working poor and middle classes ) in developing social dances. Classes like for exmple Ballroom Dance Classes Ithaca have attracted those who needs ballroom dance for their weddings. Once the cost went down, the demand went up for ballroom classes. The same also applied to Latin Dance Classes Ithaca in as much as this attracted those who were recent immigrants. The highlight of this effort was the Swing - Lindy Hop dance classes in as much as this is the dance of the working classes - blue jeans, bubby gum, pony tails and all. It was the swing element which indicated that as the cost of the lessons ( most certainly woith swing ) went down, the demand for social dances went up, almost immediately.

What was also observed, in those events in which the workers controled, the more pleasant the social atmosphers, as well as personal better manners. The single importance of which produced social stability first and foremost. this translated into other form of social interaction, but it is still the stability this approach which should be motivation to promote this nation - wide.

Not only the quality of every day life increased, but the value was being placed more upon character as a result. Thus, the conditions for role modeling was set as a result.
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