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Title Ken Saro Wiwa
Description 10th Anniversary of the Execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa
Article Text <a
href="">November 10th</a> marks the 10th anniversary of the execution of <a
href="">author</a> and activist <a
href="">Ken Saro Wiwa</a> in Nigeria.
Ken Saro Wiwa spoke for the <a
href="">Ogoni people</a> and organized against the enivronmental devestation of the Niger Delta. <a
href="">Shell Oil</a> was the major <a
href="">corporate</a> target.
Ken and 8 others were executed on trumped up murder charges where corruption and political interferrence ran rampant. In today's context of a global oil crisis and the conflicts that power is willing to wage to control the resource, it is good reminder to us all of the <a
href="">real cost of oil.</a>
href="">More on Shell in Nigeria</a> from the pages of <a
href="">Mother Jones Magazine</a>
The Green Left Weekly on the Niger Delta
href="">then and now</a>
U.K based <a
href="">Remember Saro Wiwa</a>
href="">Ken Saro Wiwa Foundation of Canada</a>
href="">PBS 3 Part Series on Ogani Refugees</a>
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