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Title Sudbury Anti-Poverty Protest
Description Sudbury: Anti-Poverty Protest
Article Text <b>15/11/05</b> <i>From the newswire: </i>More than 40 people attended an anti-poverty rally in Sudbury today. The action was held to protest the slashing of the special dietary supplement by the Provincial government and to call for raising social assistance rates. The rally at the Provincial Building heard from a number of speakers on social assistance as well as Sam Kuhn from the Tenant Action Group (TAG) in Belleville, a member of the Guelph Union of Tenants and Supporters (GUTS), Sandy Bass president of the Sudbury and District Labour Council, Rick Grylls of Mine Mill/CAW Local 598, city councillor Claude Berthiaume, Brenda LeFrancois of the Social Work department at Laurentian University, Luke Norton of the Students General Association (SGA) at Laurentian University, and others. We then took to the streets chanting �We won�t be quiet until we get our special diet!� There were many honks of support as we moved through some of the main streets of Sudbury leafleting people as we went. <br>
<b><a href="">[Read More...]</b></a>
The Thunder Bay Economic Justice Committee and PACE will be holding a discussion and information session about this issue, on <b>Tuesday, November 22, 2005 at 2pm</b> at the Waverley library.
href=""><b>[Read Analysis by Barry Beaupre of the TBEJC...]</b></a>

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