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Title Over Half a Million Workers on the Streets Across Australia
Subtitle <a href="">Australia</a>: Working Conditions
Description More than <a href="">half a
million people</a> took part in over 300 protests across Australia on 15
November, the first initiative of a national movement of workers showing
their solidarity in opposition to proposed Industrial Relations laws, an
attack on workers conditions, by the Howard Federal government. <a
href="">Melbourne</a> saw possibly the
largest political rally in its history with up to 250,000 people
clogging the heart of the City, and marching in a crowd that reached for
18 blocks. <a href="">Sydney</a> also saw
around <a
people gathered in Martin Place</a> after an early morning <a
of the M4 motorway, while <a
href="">Perth</a>, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart
and Darwin all saw unprecedented crowds. <a
Australia</a> also came out in force, and solidarity protests occurred
in <a
Auckland and Christchurch.</b></a>
<b><a href="">Melbourne IMC</a> | <a
href="">Australian Council of Trade Unions</a> | <a href="">"Your Rights at Work - worth
fighting for"</a>, Official Campaign Site </b>
Article Text The Howard government’s IR changes and anti-terrorist legislation are
closely linked and are in keeping with the <a
behaviour of Australian conservatism</a> in government. The new Sedition
Laws suggest that industrial disputes or <a
matters may be labelled seditious</a>, where there is an absence of
"good faith". The reforms further push <a
Workplace Agreements</a>, with the <a
href="">right to
strike effectively being lost</a>, while<a
href=""> employer
use of lockouts</a> is encouraged.
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href="">1</a> |
href="">2</a> ]<br>
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href=" ">1</a> | <a
href=" ">2</a> | <a
href=" ">3</a> ]
<b>Other Cities/Regional:</b>
">Wikinews report</a> | <a
href=" ">Sydney
report</a> | <a
href=" ">Sydney
photos</a> | <a
photos</a> ]<br>
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