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Title Situation in Guatemala Critical: Donations Needed
Description Situation in Guatemala Critical: Donations Needed
Article Text Please drop off these necessary goods to the offices of OPME <br /> located at 911 2nd Avenue North, Lake Worth, Florida. There will <br /> be collection boxes at the Bodegon Stores at Military and Forest <br /> Hill Boulevard in West Palm Beach and the Lantana store at Lantana <br /> Road and Congress Avenue and at La Reina Store on Congress Avenue <br /> south of 10th Avenue North in Lake Worth - on Saturdays and Sundays <br /> only. OPME will go to pick up donations if needed. Monetary <br /> donations can also be given to Wachovia Bank designated for the <br /> Organization of Maya People in Exile, acc # 2000015616005. <br /><br /> <br />
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