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Title Million More Movement Rally Strikes Unity Theme
Description No wonder the ADL's mouthpiece, Abe Foxman, tried to discourage leaders of the African-American community from attending the "Million More Movement" rally, which was held on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2005, on the Nation's Mall. The event, from its inception, sounded a positive theme of unity. A theme like that tends to drives hypocrites like Foxman, right up the proverbial wall. The unity theme was also evident in the signs, posters and banners seen during the affair, on a very sunny and warm day.
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<br />As far as the eye could see, the historic Mall-a space which by tradition belongs to the people-was filled with participants, the vast majority of them black. They stretched from the Washington Monument to the base of the west side of Capitol Hill, where the main stage was established. (Capitol Hill, a/k/a &quot;Traitors' Hill,&quot; is where members of the U.S. Congress, like U.S. Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski (D-MD), continue to vote to fund the unjust, Neocon-inspired Iraqi War to the tune of $7 billion a month). The support in the Black community for President George W. Bush is now at 2 percent, while his overall approval rating is at an all time low of 39 percent, and falling.
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<br />The Million More Movement (MMM) was a reprise of the highly successful &quot;Million Man March&quot; rally held ten years ago in this city by a coalition of African-American groups. Today's effort had an even broader base of organizational support. It called for economic and social justice for &quot;the poor and disenfranchised&quot; and for mobilizing individuals into a process to transform American society and to finally &quot;eliminate poverty and injustice.&quot; Part of the program for the rally was set aside to hear the &quot;Voices of Peace,&quot; regarding the immoral and illegal war in Iraq.
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