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Title Arresed for destroying surveillance video-cameras
Description <p>On Monday morning, 5 people <a class="wiki" href="">were arrested</a> in Dafni, for setting 2 surveillance video-cameras in fire. The police sent them to the public prosecutor suggesting 6 accusations, mainly criminal, aiming to the application of the anti-terrorist law (one of the accusations was the establishment of a terrorist group). Though, given the incapability to justify the accusations, the public prosecutor changed them. A lot of solidarity demostrators gathered immediately outside the court. The 5 arrestees, detained in the Athens Police Headquarters, sent a <a class="wiki" href="">letter</a> describing their arrest.

<p><b>Update:</b> On Thursday, at 9am, they were brought in front of the inquisitor and were set free. There was a solidarity rally outside the court.

<p><a class="wiki" href="">Older feature about CCTV surveillance systems in Athens</a>

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