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Title immigration (en)
Description <H2><A HREF="">Another
"Disgraceful Wall"</A></H2>
<H4>Saturday Oct 15, [5:00PM] Pla de palau, BCN <IMG SRC="" NAME="Graphic1" ALIGN=RIGHT HSPACE=10><A HREF="">Protest</A>
to end the deaths in Ceuta and Melilla, Pla Palau</H4>
<P><A HREF="">The
Migration tragedy</A> ::: <A HREF="">Six
more deaths in the southern border</A> ::: <A HREF=""><SPAN LANG="en-US">1000
migrants deported to the desert of Mauritania. There are 14 dead
already in the desert. Urgent campaign!</SPAN></A> ::: <A HREF="">Public
act on the occasion of the serious incidents that are taking place in
Ceuta & Melilla: Friday October 7, 5:00 PM, outside the Delegació</A>
::: <A HREF="">More
than a million illegal migrant people under the carpet. Support the
manifest and its content</A> ::: <A HREF="">No
more deaths in Ceuta & Melilla. No more victims of immigration
law</A> ::: <A HREF="">Before
the Hispano-Moroccan summit: Alliance for death in the border</A> :::
statement about the happenings in Ceuta & Melilla</A></P>
<P><BR><B>related news:</B>::: <A HREF="">Manifest
about migration to European Union</A> ::: <A HREF="">Pictures
of the Hispano-Moroccan Counter-Summit Protest</A> ::: <A HREF=""><SPAN LANG="en-US">Hebe
de Bonafini embarrasses Spanish president</SPAN></A> ::: <A HREF="">Demolish
every disgraceful wall of the world!</A> ::: <A HREF="">"The
Western wall" Israel government wants</A> ::: <A HREF=""><SPAN LANG="en-US">The
most disobedient break an immigrants prison wall in Turin (Italy)</SPAN></A>
::: <A HREF=""><SPAN LANG="en-US">Going
through the walls...escape from Verneda's internment center</SPAN></A>
::: <A HREF="">After
May 7, the most of us continue with no papers nor <SPAN LANG="en-US">rights</SPAN></A></P>
<P><B>+info:: <A HREF="">>>>immigration</A>
+ <A HREF="">imc-estrecho</A> </B>
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