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Title Paris : resistance to police controls and expulsion grows, a street riot
Subtitle <a href="">Paris Indymedia</a>
Description In a worrying move for the Sarkozy police, opposition grows far beyond the
circle of activists. <a href="">A street riot erupted
on tuesday</a> when police started again to embark "sans papier"
("illegal" immigrants) at "Chateau-Rouge" in central Paris. As this had
been going on for weeks <a href="">[photographs]</a>,
alerts were again promptly posted on <a href="">Paris Indymedia</a>, but this time,
activists who had been able to go there to protest were happily surprised
to find support from the local population, who joined in action, so much
so that the police could only retreat.
[ <a href="">A photographic report on '20 Minutes'</a> ]

Article Text People have been shocked recently by the brutal treatment of
"sans-papiers", and also the repression campaign that followed on the
three dramatic building fires of this summer in Paris <a href=" ">[photographs]</a>,
killing mainly immigrants : people continue to be brutally expelled by the
police from supposedly insecure building, without prior notice. These are
not squats (repression against squats is also accelerating of course) but
flats were people pay rent, in some cases have lived there over 48 years,
to be left one morning in the street with nothing more that the next night
This opposition not only challenges Sarkozy and his UMP ruling party, but
<a href="">also
the Socialist Party who rules in Paris with mayor Delanoe</a>, and the
green party who happens to be in charge of social housing for Delanoe are
is <a href="">severely bashed
by the activists</a>.
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