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Title Anti-War Action In The Cabinet
Subtitle 3
Description <p>On 23rd November, the Day of the Re-opening of Parliament in London, <a href="/en/2004/11/301914.html">4 activists</a> did a series of theatrical die-ins to highlight what they call "the slaughter in Iraq"; they performed several die ins outside Downing Street, outside Parliament - and sensationaly, in yet another government security breah, .... INSIDE the Cabinet Office.</p><p>Anti-War protesters <a href="/en/2004/11/301856.html">made a mockery</a> of Tony Blair's key election pledge of security by entering the government building just minutes after the Queen's speech had announced new measures to tackle terrorism. As the whole of Whitehall bristled with armed police, the protestors by-passed supposedly impenetrable security to gain access to the Cabinet Office, which has a direct underground link to No 10 Downing Street.</p>
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