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Title Critical Mass: We Win!
Subtitle 7
Description <i>(from the Open Newswire)</i>: "Hundreds ride on new years eve without incident - is the bullshit finally over?

"Perhaps it was a fluke that happened because the cops were too busy fretting over possible terrorism or other trouble at times square (although it's not like that really stopped them at RNC), or perhaps the determination of nyc's cyclists to stand up for themselves &amp; judge pauley's precedent-setting pro-cyclist rulings have finally gotten through to them. Either way, let's hope that new year's eve was a hint of things to come in 2005. December critical mass rolled deep with around 600-800 (my guess) participants, followed by an "intermission" party at the time's up! space and a later ride of 200 or so to central park to watch the fireworks from belvedere castle."
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