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Title People's Legislature Convenes January 4, 2005 at the Dane County Expo Center
Subtitle 7
Description "Wisconsin is not Wisconsin anymore. Our state's reputation for clean, open, responsible and progressive government has been badly soiled and is in danger of becoming a faded memory. Our democracy is in deep trouble."

In reaching this conclusion, individuals attending the Fighting Bob Fest last summer spawned the idea of a "People's Legislature", which will meet for its first time Tuesday, January 4, in Madison.

The idea was simple: What would the Legislature take up if the members represented their voting constituents instead of
cash from constituents like Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, the Wisconsin Realtors Association, and the 803 registered lobbyists representing the highway contractors, the utilities, the insurance industry and the banks?

They reached a consensus that a "People's Legislature" is needed in Wisconsin to ensure state government is returned to being "of, by and for" the people.

Organizers are inviting all citizens of Wisconsin who believe their voice is not being heard at the Capitol and that the will of the people is being ignored by Wisconsin's political leaders.
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