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Title Video The Vote - Documentation from Cleveland Polls
Subtitle 7
Description <img src="" align="left">This Time We WERE Watching
Video report on voters' experiences in Cleveland on election day: [ (same file, different sources) <a href="">1</a> | <a href="">2</a> | <a href="">3</a> | <a href="">4</a> ]
<i>From Video The Vote:</i> "Our thanks to People for the American Way and Election Protection. My apologies to the Jayhawks for not clearing the music first. (I'm still waiting to hear back, their rights person is in transit, I'll do it next week). The decision to go ahead was mine. This was shot by a dedicated group of 20 volunteer filmmakers, but any faults in the editing or focus of this video are my responsibility. The organizers of the trip will release a longer selection of statements by voters who had problems voting."
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