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Title The Cammerin Boyd Cover-Up
Subtitle 7
Description Gavin's Killer Gentrification Cops
Article Text The systematic balkanization of the Black community in the Fillmore, military weed-and-seed police patrols and Mayor Gavin Newsom's hyper-gentrification agenda for San Francisco seem to work well together. So well, that the police were able to publicly execute a disabled black man in front of a hundred witnesses in a housing development at Larch Way and Laguna St., and evade public suspicion by weaving intricate lies around the victim, 29-year old Cammerin Boyd. The Police Commission has chastised police officials for comments police made after officers shot Cammerin to death, with concerns raised that police cast the shooting as justified before the investigations were completed. <b><a href="">Background</a></b><br /><br />

Why in the six months since Cammerin's murder has the community not mobilized a nationwide campaign on the level of Amadou Diallo's killing in New York? Police intimidation, apartheid in the activist community, demoralizing neighborhood rivalries and negative mainstream media sensationalism have all worked to cover-up a racist and horrifying display of deadly force. Supporters, family and friends of Cammerin Boyd will gather at 4:45pm on Friday, Nov. 5th at Larch Way and Laguna St. (between Eddy and Turk) for a vigil and march on City Hall from the site of Cammerin's murder at the hands of the SFPD. <b><a href="">Announcement</a></b>
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