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Title Aotearoa Indymedia network
Subtitle 1
Description <p>If you saw the <a href="">Eating
Media Lunch</a> episode about <a href="">Radio Chomsky</a> or read a
<a href=",">review</a> of that station in the Listener
a few weeks back then you may have glimpsed the tip of a new independent media iceberg. Already <a
href="">Matrix 107.5FM</a> in Wellington and
<a href="">The Station 88.5FM</a> in Hamilton are broadcasting a similar mix
of alternative politics, a 4th station has just emerged in Palmerston North and another is on the
way for Warkworth.</p>

<p>These stations are broadcasting on
<a href="">Low Power FM Licenses</a>,
which allow anyone with a low power transmitter to broadcast in the 'guard' bands at either end
of the FM spectrum. Already in Central Auckland the guard bands are saturated with a mix of very
unique stations but in most other parts of the country there is still plenty of capacity for more

<p>The <a href="">network of Indy Stations</a> are keen to hear
from anyone else who wants to set up a similar station in their area, they say it is surprisingly
easy to do and will offer technical advice and audio material to anyone who wishes to <a
href="">get in touch</a> with them.

<p> The programming consists of mostly overseas material <a href="">sourced
off the internet</a>, with a small dash of <a href="">local voices</a>.
The network hopes to increase the local content and is certainly an opportunity to nurture alternative
voices. If you are keen to contribute in a weekly, or one-off capacity then once again the network
is keen for you to <a href="">contact</a> them.</p>

<p>[ <a href="">Aotearoa IMC radio page</a> |
<a href="">Global IMC Radio page</a> |
<a href="">Join the Aotearoa Indyradio list</a> |
<a href="">Radio4all</a> ]</p>
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