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Title TV Network Plans to Air Documentary on 62 Stations
Subtitle 7
Description Stop Sinclair Campaign to Deliver 100,000 Signatures Against Anti-Kerry Film
Article Text <Strong>10/14/2004:</strong> The Running for Change PAC is sponsoring an effort to stop <A href="">Sinclair Broadcast Group</A> from airing the documentary <A href="">"Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal"</A>, which is blatantly anti-Kerry. They plan to deliver 100,000 signatures to Sinclair's corporate headquarters in Hunt Valley, Maryland at 12 noon on Friday, October 15.

<br /><br />Various news media began reporting this week that Sinclair had ordered its 62 local
television stations to air Stolen Honor shortly before election day <a href="">Reports</A>. Many of those stations are in key swing states. Newspapers around the country have responded with
editorials and columns denouncing Sinclair this week; House and Senate Democrats asked the FCC to investigate; and FCC Commissioner Michael Copps has publicly criticized Sinclair's move as an abuse of the public trust and as an example of
media conglomeration run amok. The <a href="">Federal Communications Commission</A> indicated today that it will do nothing. The market did react, however, as, according to the Stop Sinclair Campaign, key
advertiser Sylvan Learning Center has already pulled its ads from the
broadcasting group's stations. <a href="">America Coming Together</A>, which is seen as the largest Democratic voter mobilization project in American history, will also participate in the effort by
distributing the petition to local television stations that Sinclair owns and operates
in swing states cities all across America.

<br /><br />According to Stolen Honor's website, "former POWs tell their compelling and chilling stories of their brutal life as prisoners of war in North Vietnam and the additional suffering and extended captivity they endured after their North Vietnamese captors read to them John Kerry's words accusing American soldiers of atrocities and demanded the POWs confess to Kerry's 'war crimes' allegations. The surviving men and their families, who felt betrayed by Kerry then and now, speak out through Stolen Honor against the lies, false testimony and distortions made by young Mr. Kerry in the early 1970's. Funding for the documentary's production was made possible by Pennsylvania veterans."

<br /><br /><strong>Read more:
<a href="">Concerts for Change Press Release</A> | <A href="">Stop Sinclair Website</A> | <a href="">10/23: Run Against Bush in cities all over the US</a> | <a href="">SinclairWatch</A> | <a href="">Boycott Sinclair Advertisers</A> | <A href="">10/13 Media Activists Comment on Democracy Now</A></strong>
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