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Title Diebold Update
Subtitle 7
Description State of California Sues Diebold for Fraud
Article Text <b>9/7/04:</b> After some bad news for e-voting activists &#8212; a judge in Maryland threw out a request for a preliminary injunction against Diebold's machines, and the State of California dropped a criminal investigation into the firm &#8212; the California Attorney General announced that he is suing Diebold for fraudulent claims he alleges the company made with regards to its electronic voting machines.
<br />
Although Diebold apparently isn't too concerned about the barrage of lawsuits it faces, e-voting activists hope the state lawsuit will pave the way for some progress towards a verifiable voting system, after the state and Diebold rushed headlong into a voting scenario with untested technology and no paper trail. Last year, state officials blasted Diebold for installing uncertified software installed on machines used in primary elections and banned Diebold's AcuVote-TSx voting machines from the November elections. <b><a href="/news/2004/08/1693681.php">New report on security hole in Diebold central tabulator</a></b>
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