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Title Fourth Day of Protests, July 28th
Subtitle 7
Description The first major protest of the day, with 500 people, was a rally calling on the US government to respect human rights called, <a href= >“What Have Become?: From Guantanamo to Abu Ghraib?”</a> Another 400-500 people gathered in Blackstone Park to support a local environmental justice group calling for funding for public health, not the bioterror lab being built in their neighborhood. A group of 10 pro-gay marriage activists disrupted a DNC meeting and were removed by the police. In the early evening a street theater action took place against the “Free Speech Zone”, with activist entering it with hands bound and heads hooded, while a <a href=>group of DNC delegates</a> condemned the “Free Speech Zone”. The police were becoming increasingly aggressive throughout the day, showing up in totally disproportionate numbers to the environmental justice rally, and <a href=>arresting one activist</a> while he was walking down the street.
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