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Title Political Priosoner Rob 'los ricos' Thaxton-6 years in jail June 18
Description Political Priosoner Rob 'los ricos' Thaxton-6 years in jail June 18,2005 author: e-mail:e-mail: June 18, 2005 marks the sixth year that political prisoner <b><a href="">Robert Thaxton</a></b> is in prison. Rob was arrested at the June 18, 1999 Reclaim the Streets party in Eugene, Oregon for throwing a rock at a cop charging him in riot gear. He recieved an, at the time, unprecedented 7 year sentence for this [5 years for assault, 2 years for riot]. <p>he self described 'one hit wonder anarchist rock star' Rob 'Los Ricos' Thaxton wasn't always a rebellious 'rock star', or an anarcho-activist, or a "punk" political prisoner. There was a time, not that long ago, when he was just another chavo chicano growing up in some forgotten field town called Pampa, Texas... By the righteous (r)age of twelve, Rob began to work with various revolutionary organizations, and eventually left Pampa for the streets of Dallas, Texas, where he joined CISPES (the Committee in solidarity with the People of El Salvador), worked with ACT UP, and KNON-FM, a peoples (Pirate) radio station, where he served as program director.</p><p><b><i>message from Jeff Luers:</i> "Solidarity for Rob Los Ricos and Brian McCarvill [April 2005] Rob has given his life to this struggle for 33 years. Even after 5 years of prison enduring racial discrimination and harassment by the cops he has continued to agitate for a better world. Brian is a man of honor. He is not selfish. His actions are not inherently politically motivated. He believes in freedom and when he sees something wrong he does his best to fix it. He lives by a code many of us profess to fight for and from prison he has struggled along side anarchists and suffered because of it. These men deserve your support. Write them, work with them, honor their sacrifices as you have honored mine. "</b></p><p><b><a href=""></a></b></p>
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