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Title land speculation and squatting (en)
Description <h2>moovy week-end...</h2>

<h3><a href="">week-end:let's stop the caufec</a> + <a href="">raval: sunday 29th of may vermuth against speculation</a> + <a href="">Caldes: Friday 27th "Don't Xup the Tap!" antispeculative street-game</a> + <a href="">Can Calet: Demo sunday 29th</a> + <a href="">May 28th inauguration of La Quimera in Verdi street 28</a></h3>

<p><img src="" hspace="15" align="right" border="0">
24.05 at 5:30 in the morning <a href=""> they evicted the land-house of Can Calet</a> in Corró d'Avall (Les Franqueses del Vallès). several dozens anti-riots units of the mossos d'esquadra threw down the door and searched all the house including the 4 occupants that were sleeping there. The land-house that stood abandonned since a long time, has been squatted last month of october, and soon it became a meeting point and a referent for the social-movements of the county (comarca). This afternoon at 7.00 pm there's a gathering in front of the courts of Granollers.</p>
<h4><a href=""> [25.05 15h] The trial to Kan Titella comes back</a> + <a href=""> emerengency instructions in case they demolish Can Ricart</a></h4>

<b>+info:: <a href=""> >>>speculation and squatting</a></b></p>
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