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Title women (en)
Description <h1><img src="" align="right" hspace="10"> When the women of the yarn take the needle</a></h1>
<p><i>When mentionning the workers movement only few times there's talk about women, but in sectors like the textile industry the women worker are struggling since many decades. Strikes like the <a href="">one of Igualada in 1881</a> or the dialogues of <a href="">Teresa Claramunt</a> are an example that the struggle of the working women comes from far away in Catalonia. Recently the women <a href="">working for Zara</a> are once again taking the needle with strenght in order to claim improvements of and denounce the working conditions to which they're obliged in Galicia </a> and in <a href="">Zaragoza</a>. If this continues that way, this force <a href="">can get everywhere</a></i>.
<br><b>More info</b>: <a href=""> The celebration of March 8th also has to do with textile</a> ::: <a href=""> women workers in struggle for equality at spontex</a> ::: <a href=""> textile, human rights and the women of Marroco</a> :::<a href="">the role of the women in the workers neighbourhoods</a> :::
<br><b> related news</b>:<a href="">massive sackings are being prepared in the textile</a> ::: <a href=""> what to do in front of delocalisation?</a> ::: <a href=""> Clean clothes campaign</a> ::: <a href=""> the textile crisis, delocalisations and celestica</a> ::: <a href=""> economic and textile crisis in Igualada</a> ::: <a href=""> the modelling of being a women in the Franco era</a></p>

<p><b>+info :: <a href=""> &gt;&gt;&gt;women</a></b></p>
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