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Title Demand accurate voting in Washington State
Description Your immediate action is needed to ensure safe and accurate elections in the state of Washington. The legislators must hear from all of us as soon as possible, or we may lose our chance to ensure paper ballots in Washington. ESSB 5395 requires a voter-verified paper record of each vote, makes that paper record the official record for recounts and audits, and requires an audit of the records produced by electronic voting machines. This is a good bill. It was passed unanimously by the Washington State Senate, and by the House State Government Operations and Accountability Committee. Now two auditors, Bob Terwilliger of Snohomish County and Corky Mattingly of Yakima County, have written to the legislators, attempting to kill the bill before it is enacted, claiming the bill is supported *only by a few vocal citizens. <div align="right"><a href=""><b>act now >></b></a></div><p>[ <a href="">pdx indymedia Election Fraud stories</a> ]</p>
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