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Title sexualities (en)
Description <h2><img src="" hspace=10 align=left>Farewell, homophobicChurch</h2>
<p><b>Church and homosexuality:</b><a href=""> FACG denounces the "crusade" of the Catholic </a>::: <a href="">the Church faces homosexuality</a>:::<a href=""> Homosexuality, concentrations, lies and manipulation</a>+++
<a href=""> Homofobia at the
<a href="">the "unreasonable"</a>
:::<a href=""> The Pope consders homosexuals marriage as the incarnation of evil</a> :::<a href="">
The Archbishp of Pamplona prophesizes "an epidemic of homosexuality"::: <a href="">The Vatican says that through gay marriage
"a false currency is circulated"</a>+++
<b><a href="">gays associations ask not to bar the
Church slot in the tax statament</b></a>
<h3><a href="">Friday March 4, talk "Strategies and
struggle against homophobia" + FAGC Celebration</a></h3>
<br><b>+info:: </b><a href=""> >>>sexualities</a></p>
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