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Title Voting Activists to Gather for National Election Reform Conference
Description On April 8-10, 2005, a National Election Reform Conference will occur in Nashville, Tennessee to focus on the 2004 election and the need for election reform.. The conference is supported by over 40 local, state and national election reform organizations and it will include plenary sessions as well as pre- and post-conference discussion groups on a host of important topics. This conference will bring persons of all political persuasions together to discuss current threats to our democratic process and ways to achieve meaningful election reform and election justice. The speakers we have assembled are among the most notable in the election research, election reform and election justice movements; including researchers and voting rights activists from Ohio, Florida, New Mexico, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, California, Washington, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Maine, New Hampshire, Kansas, Maryland, Texas, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and many other states.
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