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Title State Repression Showers Goiania with Mourning, Protest
Subtitle <a href="">BRASIL : STATE REPRESSION
Description After the violent eviction suffered this Wednesday, the <a href="">16th of
February</a>, many of the families from the occupation Sonho Real spent the night at
the Catedral of Goiania. Others stayed in a Gym, because no other space was provided
for them after their eviction.

IMC reporters are now hearing a great number of <a href="">reports of police violence and
authority abuse</a>.

Even neightbors from the occupation have made reports about being <a href="">attacked by the
police</a>. Some have sought medical attention.

A <a href="">rally</a> was called for today, the 17th of February at 9 AM in front of the
Catedral of Goiania to protest against the violence and to demand punishment for the

During the rally the homeless held a funeral for the two 2 militants killed in
Wednesday's raid, Pedro Nascimento Silva and Wagner da Silva Moreira.

During the demonstration some <a href="">undercover cops</a> were identified by the squatters
while they were trying to arrest of one of the leaders of the Occupation. Trying to
avoid prison, the homeless surrounded the police officers who shot many times in the
direction of the crowd.

In as attempt to escape, they ran to a square near the Military Police who proceeded
to set up a police line and protect the undercover cops.

Still coming in are many uncomfirmed reports of murders and extreme police violence,
in addition to the reports about the missing bodies. A recent post to IMC reports
bodies that had been hidden in tanks or burned by the police).

At this time, some of the arrested remain in jail and it is estimated at least 50
people missing, based on the various eye witness reports.
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