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Title Indymedia supporters to dump defunct disks on feds
Description <p>Activists angered by the multilateral seizure of Indymedia hard drives
last October 7th will be turning over piles of old drives to intelligence
agencies across the world this week, in symbolic protests against what
many are denouncing as a serious violation of communication rights.
The Global Action is called <a
href="">Operation Hard

<p>The first of wave of solidarity actions took place last week in the
Netherlands, where activists delivered symbolic old hardware to the
Italian consulate in Amsterdam. The next day, activists in San Francisco, USA handed over hardware to the FBI. In Houston, members of the IMC delivered a letter to the Swiss consulate.</p>

<p>[ <a href="">Netherlands Hard Drive-By</a> | San Francisco
Hard Drive-By: <a href="">Photos</a> | <a href="">Video</a> | Action in Houston: <a href="">Audio</a> ]</p>

<p>The protests will happen all week, beginning Monday October 18th, to coincide with <a
href="">Media Democracy
Day</a>. Operation Hard Drive-by are already planned to happen in San
Francisco, Pittsburgh, and Perth, Australia.</p>

<p>Indymedia supporters promised that Operation Hard Drive-by would escalate
and spread until their demands are met. A <a
href="">Statement of Solidarity</a>
signed by more than 2000 people calls for the full disclosure of the
names of organizations and individuals involved in the seizure, a copy of
the court order, and an independent investigation into any violations of
due process. </p>
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