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Title Cyclists take to the streets
Subtitle Global: Critical Mass
Description Cyclists in Manila, Philippines are gearing up for <a
Mass: The 6th Tour of the Fireflies</a> on April 18, 2004. The Tour of
the Fireflies is an annual critical mass bike ride that first started in
April 1999 and was organized by <a
href="">Firefly Brigade</a> - a diverse
group of bike enthusiasts and critical mass activists that is united for
a goal to achieve an <a
sustainable transportation in the cities</a>.
(See <a href="">Manila Indymedia</a>)
Critical Mass was started in 1992 in San Fransisco and 387 regular rides
are presently listed at the <a
href=""></a> hub.
Some of these rides are reported on at Indymedia. This year has seen <a
Mass against the Apartheid Wall</a> in Tel Aviv, Israel; several Bikes
not Bombs Critical Mass including <a
and around <a
href="">Italy</a>; and
<a href="">San
Diego</a> in the US. Portland cyclists viciously attacked by police on
March 20 2003 as part of stop the war protests had <a
href="">all charges
dropped</a> in February 2004. There is even <a
href="">songs for
Critical Mass</a>.
[<A HREF="">Critical Mass</A> |
<A HREF="">Critical Mass Australia</A> |
<A HREF="">Critical Mass Rides</A>]
Article Text In <a href="">Australia</a>, Melbourne
celebrated its 100th ride in February with more than <a
cyclists taking over a tollway and Bolte bridge</a> which normally
excludes cyclists, followed by a successful ride in <a
Rides also occurred in <a
href="">Sydney</a> and <a
href="">Brisbane</a> and other
Ireland, has just celebrated its 3rd birthday ride in March.
The <a
in Bristol</a>, England, stimulated a debate about the effectiveness of
Critical Mass.
Other rides announced or reported around the Indymedia Network include:
and <a
href="">Palermo</a>, Italy;
<a href="">San
Diego</a> and <a
href="">Los Angeles</a>
in the USA.
If you live or plan to visit the Pacific Northwest in the USA, perhaps
consider joining <a href="">Bike Summer
Seattle 2004</a>.
"Bikesummer 2004 celebrates all things bicycling; it’s a summer long
feast of bike activism, bike rides – the whole bike culture. It’s an
invitation to come to (the State of) Washington to share experiences,
learn and enjoy our urban and rural environments."
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