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Title Video Projects
Description <a href="">NewsReal</a>
more forthcoming!

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<p>Oceania Indymedia Newsreal is a compilation of video from South East Asia, Australia and the Pacific. It is a news-zine for the web, and also distributed on VCD, with aims parallel to those found on the website - to collate stories from independent producers and community media collectives focussing on social change and environmental issues.</p>

<p>The project aims to encourage better content and skills sharing between regional IMCs and video collectives, communityTV and independent video producers.</p>
contact: <a href=""></a> | url: <a href=""><a href="#"></a>
Article Text <b><a href="">SF-Bay Area Independent Media Center/Video Activist
The Video Activist Network/SF-Bay Area Independent Media Center produces a monthly
1-hour Public Access show titled Street Level TV. We have also made a feature
documentary on the historic anti-war demonstrations in San Francisco called "We
Interrupt This Empire" in collaboration with various other groups such as <a
href="">Whispered Media</a>.
Name: Video Activist Network <br>
Email: sfbay-video (at)<br>

<b><a href="">Indymedia UK
The IMC UK Video 'subgroup' is an informal network of individuals,
collectives and projects involved with, or interested in, some form of media
activism involving video. The group communicate using the imc-uk-video
mailing list and the IMC Video Twiki pages, a collaborative document editing
space for use by UK video teams.
Name: IMC UK video subgroup<br>
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