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Title ¡No CAFTA! ¡Vende patrias!
Subtitle <a href=”>HOUSTON</a>: CAFTA NEGOTIATIONS
Description The 8th round of the Central American Free Trade Area (CAFTA) talks have kicked off in Houston, Texas. CAFTA would extend NAFTA to five more countries: Guatamala, Honduras, El Salvador, Niguraga and Costa Rica. As US negotiators up the pressure on Latin American Countires to sign the agreement, activists are stepping up public resistance to it.<p>
On the first day of negotiations Houston activists in white overalls greeted
trade delegates with a spirited demo at the meetings. [ <a
href=""> Photos</a> | <a
href="">Video</a> | <a
href="" read report</a> |
<a href=""> read a
communique</a> ] There were also three large banner drops on Monday, two from
a hightway overpass [photos <a
href="">1</a>, <a
href="">2</a>] and one from
the hotel where the meetings are taking place. On Monday evening, a permitted demonstration drew more than 200 people outside the hotel where the meetings are taking place. [ <a
href="">read report</a> |
photos: <a href"">1</a>, <a
href"">2</a>, <a
href="">3</a> | <a
href"">listen to audio<a/> ] More demonstrations are planned throughout the week.
Article Text <a href="">Houston IMC</a> <br>
<a href="">Stop CAFTA</a> <br>
<a href=""></a>
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